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Between perfect ‘grams and snaps, it’s easy to forget the power we hold in the palm of our hands. AT&T takes the infinite magic of connectivity seriously. While a tap or swipe can instantly deliver a “like” from your crush or BFF, it can also serve up unexpected hate.


of teens have witnessed online bullying*


who see it, ignore it*


We know it. We see it. Whether you’ve experienced online cruelty or even at times been a bully yourself — let’s come together to make a change. Let’s start a conversation that becomes a movement. The more of us there are, the louder our love can be. Let’s drown out the haters with hearts.

I'm being trolled I can't escape the negative comments

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I think my child might be at risk online. Could my kid be harassing others online?


I'm being trolled I think my child might be at risk online.

Apps, Tips & Tools


Digital You

Digital You provides tips and resources for parents to address cyberbullying and helping kids to stay safe online.

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Cartoon Network’s Stop Bullying: Speak Up

Stop Bullying: Speak Up is Cartoon Network’s award-winning initiative that addresses bullying among kids – what to do when you see it and how to stop it before it starts.

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DECA is teaming up with AT&T to challenge and empower teens to prevent cyber bullying through digital citizenship and positive messaging. FOR DECA STUDENTS ONLY.

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Later Haters Lessons

Digital self-paced lessons created by Common Sense Media for teens to address online safety issues, such as hate speech, online intention and fake news.

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Because of You

Because of you is a movement that encourages teens to reflect on the power of their words and actions and consider how they are affecting others.

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Trevor Support Center

Trevor Support Center is a place where LGBTQ youth and their allies can find answers to frequently asked questions, and explore resources related to sexual orientation, and more

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Facebook’s Bullying Prevention Hub

The Bullying Prevention Hub is a resource for teens, parents and educators seeking support and help for issues related to bullying and other conflicts.

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Digital Citizenship

Empower kids to be safe, smart and make ethical decisions in the digital world, according to Common Sense Media

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Speak Out


As children we're are groomed to believe 'sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me'. Truth is; words hurt.


As children we’re are groomed to believe ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’. Truth is; words hurt. So much. They rip and tear and leave gaping holes in a confidence that was already shaky to begin with. We are then so afraid to use our own words to seek help, in fear of being labeled an ‘attention getter’ a ‘whiner’ a ‘crybaby’. To face the facts, we are stronger than words. The weapons used against us are only 26 small letters arranged in a way that can cause you pain, but let me remind you all, we are all born to live.

It is simple to lose sight of the fact that we are stronger than ink, stronger than a text message, stronger than the things others choose to hurl at our direction. We are warriors dressed in band t-shirts and jeans, fighters armed with a pencil and a sheet, or the keyboard at a desk. We are boys and girls, and some in between, who are being led by the mantra of ‘tomorrow will be better’. We grow with the times and adapt to the changes every day proving we are more than we were the day before.

We are the leaders of tomorrow, those who can, and those who WILL be a voice for years to come. Yet often we may be afraid of parting our lips to share a light that burns inside.

A light so bright that those who wish to diminish us are afraid will show. Those whose own light may be dimmed, those who themselves are being hurt, behind every hater is someone who can be helped. It is then up to us, the writers, the speakers, the outspoken and silent alike, to use the weapons thrown at us to be the change we need.

I cannot promise tomorrow is better, but what I can say is simple. What tries to defeat you today, will not succeed tomorrow. Every day you continue brings you closer to a moment where the fears of today will be only an empty memory tomorrow.

We are the ones who can change, we are the voice now and the days to come. We can and will continue to survive in a world that is filled with those wanting to tear us down.

Every hurtful word, every hurtful phrase, is only 26 letters arranged in a way to cause doubt. We can arrange those same letters, and write our own path. Those 26 letters can build us up stronger if we choose to take a stand and rearrange them.

How will you rearrange your letters?


Since the start of middle school, I was constantly bullied about my weight. People would taunt me, make snide remarks, and even post photos of me online.


Since the start of middle school, I was constantly bullied about my weight. People would taunt me, make snide remarks, and even post photos of me online. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that somebody had posted a cruel photo of me in leggings, claiming that I didn’t have the exact body type to fit them. A girl from my high school saw the photo posted, and instead of commenting and going along with them, she reposted the photo and wrote about how beautiful my curves were in those leggings. Instead of giving into peer-pressure, instead of making me feel so low about myself, she reposted the photo and made me feel as if I wasn’t alone. The girl who posted that photo became one of my best friends, who I am still extremely close with today.

What I have come to learn about bullying is that if we learned to judge others based on their soul and the love they have for human kind, this world would be a much better place. So, if you see hate being spread around at school, stand up for that person. If you see someone at work who is being made fun of, don’t be afraid to say something. From what I have learned, just the smallest act of kindness can go an extremely long way. So lend out that helping hand, post that photo of kindness, or even just send someone words of encouragement. You never know how much a few words, or even a simple photo can mean to someone who is in pain.

Also, for those who have gone through or are going through the hurt I did, love yourself. Love your curves, love your skin, love your mind, and appreciate everything about who you are. Who you are is not determined by the clothing you wear, the skin color you have, or the body type you were blessed with. Who you are comes from within. Since we unfortunately know the pain bullying can bring, It’s also a blessing in disguise because we have the opportunity to stop the pain.

So, I have a proposition for you. Let’s start a chain reaction and come together to fight for change. Pay for somebody’s coffee in front of you, give one random stranger you see today a compliment and become a link. From me to you, let’s fight for happiness. Let’s make this world a safe place.

The Dragon

Strength. Bravery. Peace. Calm. This is my mantra. No one understands why I wear my little golden dragon charm around my neck. No one understands because I refuse to tell them.

The Dragon

Strength. Bravery. Peace. Calm. This is my mantra.

No one understands why I wear my little golden dragon charm around my neck. No one understands because I refuse to tell them. My dragon is chipped, rusted, and has a spot of paint that wouldn’t scrub off. It isn’t shiny or new anymore. It has character and a story.

The dragon symbolizes what those four words mean to me. Strength. Bravery. Peace. Calm. I say those words when I’m scared, stressed, nervous, hurt, sad, and even alone. Those four words have guided me for several years now, and my dragon has been there with me through it all.

This story, or confession, whatever you want to call it can only be five-hundred words long. I’ll give you the short version.

I don’t know what made me think of them, or what made them stick, but I’m glad they did. I do have my own reasons for them now. It’s just taken me a long time to see it.

I have some medical issues, and a few scars. I don’t like showing them off, because all the people look and treat me differently. I can do most things that everyone else does, its just a little harder. Strength is a big thing when your diagnosis is chronic pain. It’s like grinning and bearing it every second of every day.

I believe it’s easier to speak to a crowd of two-hundred people you don’t know, than the fifty that you do. Bravery comes in at all those everyday acts that you have to accomplish. It’s walking down the hallways in school, answering a question in class, and even just picking a place to sit at lunch. You have to be brave during the smaller things to be able to get through the bigger things.

Then there’s Peace. It’s all about not getting angry when someone shoves you down, and not dwelling on the fact that you didn’t fight back. This is one of the hardest things for me. I stand up for myself now, but I didn’t always. Every time someone does something to you, whether it’s big or small, you always have to think: is that person just having a bad day?  and, what would happen if I were to lash out? Actions have consequences, even if it wasn’t your fault at first. Peace comes when you know there’s another way of doing something.

Calm. It’s the simplest one. All it means is to forget about it. Don’t dwell on what’s already happened. You can’t change the past, only the future.

Strength. Bravery. Peace. Calm.

When I can, I want to get a dragon tattoo to replace my necklace. It’s falling apart, and won’t last forever. My mom says that a tattoo should mean something, but she doesn’t know what the dragon means to me. Strength. Bravery. Peace. Calm. I don’t think there are any words with as much meaning as those four.

Love Yourself

I love you. It's a common phrase used. It's in every cliche book or movie and is something that when we hear, we smile. It's something that is used to spread o be around the world.

Love Yourself

I love you. It’s a common phrase used. It’s in every cliche book or movie and is something that when we hear, we smile. It’s something that is used to spread o be around the world.

But how often do you hear someone say ‘I love me’? Or how many times do you say that, at least internally? How many times do you see someone happy with how they look? For me my answer is almost never. In today’s day and age, we all find it easier to love others than to love ourselves, which is ridiculous.

What’s the point of loving others if you are full of self hate? What’s the point of loving every aspect about a person, loving all their quirks and flaws of you criticize your own? What’s the point of hating something about you that others love? There is no point. Loving others and hating yourself makes no sense and needs to be stopped. How can anyone spread love when they are filled with self hate?

Spreading love is easy. It starts with loving yourself. It starts with waking up and appreciating your amazing body. It starts with loving every curve, wrinkle, pimple, and scar. It starts with wearing things that you want to wear, and doing thighs you want to do. Spreading love starts with these things.

You might be thinking, this is crazy. Loving myself can’t really spread love. That’s where you are wrong. Loving yourself will spread love around the world. Once other start seeing you loving yourself, they will start loving themselves as well. It would be a ripple affect, starting with one person.

So spreading love doesn’t have to start with I love you. It starts with I love me.

Love yourself.

A Letter to Everyone

Dear Everyone, If I could list everything good about you, I would. There are so many things about you that I could say.

A Letter to Everyone

Dear Everyone,

If I could list everything good about you, I would. There are so many things about you that I could say.

You are an amazing person. You try to do what is right. Sometimes you mess up, and that’s OK. That doesn’t change you.

You’ve hurt people without meaning to. You’ve been hurt by people who don’t realize it. That’s OK.

You’ve had bad days. You’ve had good days. Sometimes you get stressed. Other times you laugh until your face hurts. That’s OK.

You’ve made friends, you’ve lost friends. Sometimes things go wrong, even when you did everything just right. This is OK.

You have been hurt by people who are hurting themselves. You, when you are hurting, have unknowingly hurt others. You have been teased, and you have teased people. This is OK.
See what I mean when I say you are amazing?

You are passionate about things. You believe in things. When you mess up, when you say something you didn’t mean, you feel bad. You may not admit it, but deep down, you regret saying that. This is what makes you amazing.

There are people who love you, who care for you. Sometimes you forget about these people, but you always remember them in the end. There are people that you love and care about. Sometimes these people will forget about you, but they, like you, will someday remember. These people know that you are amazing.

Some people forget how amazing they are. You have, I have. These people forget that other people think they are amazing. Sometimes they get mad about this, and try to make others feel like this. They don’t want to be alone. This isn’t OK.

Some people will get hurt by these people. They, in turn, start to forget how amazing they are. This isn’t OK.

But you are. You are amazing. Never forget that you are an amazing person who tries their best. You have been hurt and hurt others. You have bad days and good days. Things still go wrong sometimes.

This is amazing.

You are amazing.

Never forget that.


Hate is the Past, Love is the Future.

There was a kid in my class, quiet, kept to himself, didn't really bother anyone. Everyone called him Rat, I don't know why, I hated that he was called that, he hated it too.

Hate is the Past, Love is the Future.

There was a kid in my class, quiet, kept to himself, didn’t really bother anyone. Everyone called him Rat, I don’t know why, I hated that he was called that, he hated it too. He was an easy target for the bullies of our school, who, like any other kid, had problems of their own and tried to take it out on everyone else. Every day I’d hear whispered words about this kid. He was in most of my classes, but I never really saw reason to talk to him until I noticed he was being bullied, hard.

I learned his name the same day someone punched him and I saw him crying in the hall. His name was Andrew. I asked why he was always so quiet. “I’m afraid I’ll become a bigger target.” In my mind that was a poor excuse, fear is meant to be conquered. “If anything you’ll make them back down. A voice at it’s loudest, of kindness and meaning alone, drowns the sounds of hate.” And it’s true, our actions, our words speak volumes, especially of kindness. “What point is there to living without a voice?” He looked at me, and I had no good answer. I said only what made sense. “We all have voices, each one of us. It’s how we use it, for good or bad. There are some great examples in history, (at the time we were learning about the world wars.) Take Adolf Hitler, he inspired hate that was unprecedented, it was horrible. But take Teddy Roosevelt, the man took a bullet and still spoke, to help better America, to spread kindness.” He wiped his tears and nodded. “But there’s something more important than a voice. It’s courage. The will to use your voice in the first place.”

He nodded, a determined look coming over him. “You’re right. But how do I use mine?” That was impossible to answer. “Only you can figure that out. Write a poem, write a speech, anything that gets the point across.” I told him.

The next day he came in and at the end of each class, he read the same poem.’

Tormented for years, now I stand up to you all.

Quiet through tears, now I stand tall.

My voice has been been found, I’m sick of this hate.

I’ve found my voice, now this is no debate.

I’m tired of being singled out.

If you bully me now, I won’t scream or shout.

Because hate should not be met with hate.

It should be met with love and kindness, those are the cures.

If we are to ever see better futures.

After that he would simply hug anyone trying to bully him, he knew they had issues, they had problems. He tried his hardest to be their friends, because love and kindness are the cures. He never gave up, never backed down. A single friend can make a world of difference, challenge yourself. Be that friend. Be the cure.

Cyber Bully

Cy•ber•bul•ly•ing Noun 1. The use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

Cyber Bully

1. The use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

The white arrow hovered over the definition of cyber bullying in the same way my fingers hovered over the mouse.

Who knew that what I did as a pastime had a definition. Had meaning.

I blinked my eyes to clear the haze and clicked out of the Wikipedia page, leaning back in my chair as I opened up my social media.

I had over 1,000 followers. I was popular.

A message appeared on my dash and I clicked it. It read:

Why are you so mean?’

My fingers moved across the keyboard, typing my response.

‘Because‘ it began ‘ugly losers like you shouldn’t even have social media…nobody wants to have to look at your face every time they open up the app!’

I don’t really know why I did stuff like this. What I do know is that even if I had a reason for it, it wouldn’t justify my actions.

I guess maybe I just wanted the attention.

There was another message. It was the same girl from before.

‘What do you suggest I do then? Live like a hermit? No thank you!’

For some reason I laughed.

But it was then, a thought had entered my mind. I did have a suggestion. It wasn’t a good one either.

When I typed next, my fingers moved across the keyboard almost automatically, like the computer knew what my answer was going to be even before I did. Like it knew how cruel I was, and just how sinister I could be.

I hadn’t sent the message yet when I checked it over for typos:

‘Now that you mention it, I  do have a suggestion…if you would just kill yourself then we important people wouldn’t have to deal with you anymore…’

I clicked send.

It wasn’t until three hours later, when I had come back upstairs from eating dinner to check my message box and found it empty, that I realized just what I had done.

“…And it wasn’t until the next day-when my mother got a phone call-that I felt my heart break.”

I wipe the tears from my eyes with a tissue, guilt spreading over me how it usually does when I speak about my high school years.

The faces in the audience convey their disapproval, some showing pure horror.

I look away in shame.

“So…” began the t.v. host “if you could have stopped yourself from sending that message, would you?”

I clear my throat.

“Well that’s the thing. I could have stopped that message, I just chose not to. There’s no taking that back.”

The crowd murmurs their agreement.

“So instead, I spread the word so that nobody else does what I did. So that nobody else has to go through what that little girl went through. And you know something? You can spread the word too!


You are not the labels that other people give you.   Believe me, I should know. 


You are not the labels that other people give you. 

Believe me, I should know. 

When I moved to Atlanta and Ridgley High, I was the new girl.

When I became best friends with Jolie Rossi, I was popular. 

When I started dating Christian Baker, I was girlfriend.

When I stopped caring about school, I was dumb.

When I dyed my hair to fit in, I was dumb blonde.

When I went to Marco Santiago’s Halloween party, I was drunk. 

When I cheated on Christian with Marco, I was slut.

When my mom lost her job, I was poor.

When my report card came, I was failure.

When Jolie and her friends stopped speaking to me, I was outcast.

When I couldn’t walk through the hallways without hearing gossip, I was destroyed.

When I refused to get out of bed, I was depressed.

When I said I’d never go back to Ridgley after Christmas, I was defeated.

But then, something happened. 

I walked back into the junior hallway in January.  I was renewed.

I started talking to that quiet girl Ellie in my math class.  I was friend.

I started doing my homework with Ellie and her friends during lunch.  I was motivated.

I started getting As and Bs again.  I was achiever.

I kept my hair blonde; I liked it that way now.  I was changed.

I chose movies with friends over basement parties.  I was sober.

I helped my mom sell her handmade jewelry on the Internet.  I wasn’t rich, but that was okay.

I sat with Ellie in all my classes now.  Sometimes, I waved to Jolie in the hall.  I belonged. 

I started dating Clay Sanchez, the kind, brilliant next-door neighbor.  I was girlfriend, but I knew what that word meant.

Eventually, with the passage of time, I was whole.

Their labels burned, but they couldn’t break me.

Their words taunted, but they couldn’t knock me down.

It was my actions, my words that had the power to change myself.

If you let the labels defeat you, you ignore your inner strength. 

The only labels that matter are the labels you give yourself.  

Friend.  Daughter.  Sister.  Achiever.  Changed. 

Okay.  Happy.  Whole.  

Olivia Madison Reid: The only label that matters is that I get to be me. 


Alexis G. Zall


Brendan Jordan




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